Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Cecil O.

Need less volume on TV.  At family dinners can hear most people.  Used to hate to ask people to repeat.  Your batteries fit better than some other brands and last longer. Cecil O, Collins, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Robert C.

My hearing aids have restored the audio range thru improving comprehension of conversations.  Greatly improve my ability to hear in various situations, one on one, conference (group), and auditorium locations.  My wife no longer has to shout at me! Robert C, Ames, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Donna T.

I grab for my hearing aids the very first thing when I wake up in the morning.  I live in a world of complete silence when not wearing my hearing aids.  I am so very thankful for my hearing aids. Donna T, Story City, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Betty S.

The better hearing I enjoy has made a huge difference in so many ways.  The times I can appreciate a good joke, conversations with family and friends, hearing birds sing, a more quiet home when people stop in to find no loud TV!  It has enhanced life here at Northcrest Retirement! Betty S, Ames, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Darold P.

The difference hearing aids have made in my life are tremendous!  My wife and children told me for over two years that I needed hearing assistance.  I finally gave in and found out I should have listened because the aids have been a tremendous positive impact in my life. I can hear the pastor much […]

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Marion H.

As my hearing became a problem, I withdrew from friends and group meetings-even family.  I decided to try hearing aids.  Hearing Unlimited has answered my needs.  I can hear the birds sing, talk on telephone, hear TV, visit.  Hearing Unlimited is wonderful.  I am so grateful. Marion H, Ames, IA

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