My Mother (83) got her 1st pair of hearing aids today. So basically she hasn't been able to hear out of her right ear for at least 50 + years and about 4 months ago she lost what hearing she had in her left ear. Today Mike and his staff gave my Mom her life back !!! She was able to engage in conversations with her family. My family and I are for ever grateful. Hearing Unlimited are the best and I will tell all my friends. Kim Steil
Kim Steil, on Google
First Time with Hearing Unlimited. Mike is a great guy and hearing test and choosing hearing aids was a breeze. I was told should have them in 2-3 weeks. 3 weeks went by heard nothing so I called. I was put in hold and the gal came back and said no they’re not here and we will call you so no need to be calling!! Finally after 4th I call and they were in. Then she wanted me to wait another 2 weeks to get them. We have vacation planned so magically there was several times available to come in before the 2 weeks. I felt like I was a bothersome then a customer. AIDS work great but need to be adjusted up a little bit.
John Clemens, on Google
I had an appointment in the capable hands of Kathy Meier at the office in Ames, Iowa. She flawlessly answered all my questions and adjusted my hearing aides to fit my needs. So happy I went to Hearing Unlimited.
Roxann Dittmer, on Google
The staff was nice and very knowledgeable. They were very helpful. Hearing Unlimited is the best place to go for hearing aids and other products to help with protecting your hearing..
jim sperry, on Google
Very knowledgeable and personable people there. Obvious many years of experience. Will use them for all future hearing issues.
Doug Thompson, on Google

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