Breaking News — A Hearing Revolution Has Begun!

Introducing the New

Livio AI Hearing Aid Logo.

The world’s first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.

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Imagine a hearing aid that can: Livio AI

• Measure body and brain health
• Translate languages
• Receive adjustments from your provider remotely
• Stream music, TV and phone calls
• Reduce background noise
• Optimize programmable memories for frequented environments
• Adjust settings via easy-to-use tap control
• Produce a signal to find lost hearing aids
• Provide the clearest, most natural sounds

If this sounds like the hearing aid of the future, it is.

For the first time ever, there’s a hearing aid that not only sounds crisp, clear and unlike any other, it also helps the wearer track and monitor how physically and mentally active they are.

Livio AI isn’t just the world’s best hearing aid — it’s a multi-purpose device that completely redefines what a hearing aid can do.

Just like the smartphone revolutionized the definition of a phone, Livio AI has pioneered a trail for hearing aids that has never been traveled before.

Hear like you have never heard before: Schedule An Appointment with your hearing provider today and demo this amazing new technology!