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New Starkey Technology

Breaking News — A Hearing Revolution Has Begun! Introducing the New The world’s first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. Imagine a hearing aid that can: • Measure body and brain health • Translate languages • Receive adjustments from your provider remotely • Stream music, TV and phone calls • Reduce background […]

Hearing Aid Feedback

Have you ever heard someone’s hearing aid buzzing and whistling? Nobody wants their hearing aids to whistle. Hearing aid feedback happens for two reasons: either the hearing aid doesn’t fit correctly or there is too much power. In both cases, sound from the hearing aid leaks out of the ear and is re-amplified by the […]

High Blood Pressure and Hearing Loss

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 70 million adults in the United States have high blood pressure, or hypertension. That amounts to nearly one in three adults; furthermore, another one in three adults are living with elevated blood pressure results that are below the level considered to be high blood pressure […]

Saving Hearing Lives on the Bolivia and Peru Hearing Aid Mission

My Experience by: DeAnne Pacheco, TeleHear Clinical Director I had the honor of serving in a Starkey Hearing Foundation mission with the most amazingly dedicated, hard-working people. We completed four mission days in three cities: Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Cusco, Peru and Trujillo, Peru, where we fit nearly 2000 children and adults with hearing aids. I […]

Hearing Loss Studies: Life is Worth Hearing

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues in the world. In the United States, 12 percent of the population, or 38 million people, have a significant hearing loss. Yet, only one out of every five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wears them. Reduced hearing acuity can not only be […]

Verification and Validation: Are You Hearing As Well As You Should Be?

“Are you hearing as well as you should be?” seems like a simple question. Believe it or not, that is actually one of the hardest questions for my patients to answer. Typically, patients respond with, “I don’t know” or “How can I tell?” That is the main reason why verification and validation are some of […]

Hearing and Memory Loss

Did you know that your hearing, or lack thereof, can affect your memory? People with poor hearing often mistakenly feel that their hearing loss only affects their ability to hear other people. They do not realize that hearing loss has a far greater impact. Over the last ten years there have been numerous studies linking […]

Earwax and Hearing Loss

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is earwax, or cerumen, blocking sound from reaching the eardrum. This occurs when the wax is pushed back toward the eardrum or if the ears produce more wax than is needed. Earwax is also the most common cause of hearing aid malfunctions. A tiny amount of […]

Ask An Audiologist: What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is described as any abnormal ear noise and can arise in the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear or the brain.  It is not a disorder in and of itself, but rather a symptom and may be perceived as ringing, buzzing or humming. Some people describe it as a “clicking” or “pulsing” […]

Aural Rehabilitation Exercises

You have taken, or are planning to take, a wise first step, the investment in hearing instruments. Hearing aids help you to hear sounds which are interpreted by your brain. This brain stimulation is an important part of hearing health. The following aural rehabilitation exercises will allow you to increase brain stimulation and improve your […]

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Cecil O.

Need less volume on TV.  At family dinners can hear most people.  Used to hate to ask people to repeat.  Your batteries fit better than some other brands and last longer. Cecil O, Collins, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Robert C.

My hearing aids have restored the audio range thru improving comprehension of conversations.  Greatly improve my ability to hear in various situations, one on one, conference (group), and auditorium locations.  My wife no longer has to shout at me! Robert C, Ames, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Donna T.

I grab for my hearing aids the very first thing when I wake up in the morning.  I live in a world of complete silence when not wearing my hearing aids.  I am so very thankful for my hearing aids. Donna T, Story City, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Betty S.

The better hearing I enjoy has made a huge difference in so many ways.  The times I can appreciate a good joke, conversations with family and friends, hearing birds sing, a more quiet home when people stop in to find no loud TV!  It has enhanced life here at Northcrest Retirement! Betty S, Ames, IA

Ames Iowa Hearing Aid Testimonial – Darold P.

The difference hearing aids have made in my life are tremendous!  My wife and children told me for over two years that I needed hearing assistance.  I finally gave in and found out I should have listened because the aids have been a tremendous positive impact in my life. I can hear the pastor much […]

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